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Don't overlook the importance of maintaining your garage door's key components. Torsion springs, cables, automatic openers and panels all play crucial roles in its operation. Regular check-ups can prevent issues like snapped springs or broken cables that disrupt function and compromise security.

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Commonly Broken Garage Door Parts

Your garage door is an intricate system composed of various components, all working together to ensure smooth operation. However, certain parts are more prone to wear and tear than others.

The Importance of a Functional Torsion Spring

A critical component that often experiences breakdowns is the torsion spring. This heavy-duty coil provides the necessary force for lifting your hefty garage door with ease. But due to constant stress and usage over time, torsion springs can lose their tension or snap completely.

Beware Of Broken Cables And Openers: They Matter.

In addition to springs, other commonly broken parts include cables and automatic openers. The cable runs along both sides of the door in harmony with the torsion spring for seamless operation. If this cable becomes loose or snaps, it may prevent proper opening and closing operations of your garage doors.

Deteriorating Panels And Tracks: Don't Ignore Them.

Panels form the most visible part of our residential garages, so any damages will be immediately noticeable, affecting the curb appeal and the home's overall aesthetic value while simultaneously compromising security by making it easier for burglars to gain access to interior spaces through weak points created by damaged sections of paneling.


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